2017 High School State Champions

Celebrating with Solvay, Skaneateles, CBA, and Liverpool

What do Skaneateles Girls Lacrosse, Liverpool Baseball, Christian Brothers Academy Boys Lacrosse, and Solvay Softball have in common? All of them are high school state champion teams this season. Countless hours of hard work, full seasons of winning games, and long playoff struggles have paid off for these four groups of student athletes and their coaches.

Skaneateles makes a point of team closeness, with tight bonds even off the field bearing them through a challenging start to the season and doubtlessly contributing to their victory. Solvay have made the final four three times in the past four years, and have finally brought home the big win, the second ever state championship for any team from their school. Liverpool have produced an impressively consistent record with 40 wins over two seasons and 16 seniors can celebrate graduation with victory. CBA attributes their success to the drive and motivation of this year’s seniors.

Every member of these teams is excited to have brought the highest honor a team can earn to their schools. Congratulations to all players and coaches on their accomplishments this season!

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