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Sit Means Sit Dog Training Tips

Warm weather can bring out the best in everyone including our furry friends, and whether your pet is walking the neighborhood or out on the lawn, there is proper protocol to follow to ensure everyone's safety.


Sit Means Sit Dog Training Owner and Head Trainer David Wilbert and Trainer Jessica Palmer have a few key tips to keep in mind all summer long.

Wilbert says it’s important to keep your dog on a leash and show them how to walk nicely so others in the community feel comfortable and safe. When it comes to dogs greeting one another, Palmer recommends asking the owner for permission. If they do seem approachable she says you should let them greet each other calmly with a loose leash so that your dog knows it's okay to do so.

Wilbert also suggests that owners understand the difference leashes available and what is best for your dog. . Retractable leashes usually take control away from the owner since dogs are more likely to walk away. And colored leashes can mean many different things, which is why it's always important to look out for them and to speak with an owner if you're unsure of the dog's friendliness.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training can help you and your furry friend with any training need. They are located at 7730 Frontage Road in Cicero. For more information call (315) 437-DOGS or visit them online at

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