First International Lacrosse Weekend

Historic sport returns to its roots

Lacrosse in Upstate New York holds more value than you may think.  The sport originated right here in Onondaga and this weekend there will be an inaugural event celebrating the history with some thrilling competition.  This year, thousands of lacrosse fans as well as elite teams from around the world will be making their way to the Syracuse area for the first international Dehontsigwa’ehs: Creator’s Game Lacrosse Weekend.  

Organizer Sandy Bigtree described the history of the sport. The word “Dehontsigwa’ehs” means “they bump hips” and was given to the Haudenosaunee people by the Creator. The Iroquois Confederacy played the game over 1,000 years ago on the shores of Onondaga Lake where five warring nations came together in peace. It was an integral park of building a relationship between these nations.

Lacrosse stick maker Alf Jacques is a legend in the industry and creates sticks that are not only works of art but historically relevant to the foundation of the sport. Original sticks were not made of the plastic and different materials you see nowadays. The original sticks were made of wood and a very careful process.

Phil Arnold is also an organizer of the event and described the competition that visitors will see in this first time event. The Lax All Stars North American Invitational, or LASNAI, Tournament will be held Thursday September 28th- 30th from 9:00AM to midnight. The LASNAI Tournament will include 21 teams competing from six countries at the Tsha’ Thon’nhes Onondaga Nation Fieldhouse. There are also scrimmages planned to take place between Syracuse University, The Iroquois Nationals and Team Israel. The scrimmages take place this Sunday at the Carrier Dome. 

If you cannot make the tournament there are speakers, demonstrations, dances, and screenings of “The Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation.”

For more information or to view a full schedule of events, visit

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