Mother's Day: Apps for mom

Published 05/09 2014 12:20PM

Updated 05/09 2014 05:21PM

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - With Mother’s Day right around the corner, the web team researched some helpful apps for mom. Below, we have highlighted four apps that help with a range of issues moms face. Share with us which apps you use to help with your children on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages. 

- Yummly -
Search over 1 million tasty recipes and grocery shop with a “smart shopping list.” You can collect, save, and organize your favorite recipes and best of all, set up your taste preferences and Yummly will recommend dishes to fit what you like.

With one click, you can add a full recipe to your smart shopping list and Yummly will automatically categorize the list to make your trip to the store easier.

While at the store, scan an item and Yummly will find a recipe using that ingredient.

- Chore Monster -
Make doing chores a game for your kids with the Chore Monster app. Mom can create custom chores and kids will earn points for completing the task.

After so many points, children get a spin on the “Monster Carnival” where they can collect monsters.

The app offers 250 monsters and the goal is for kids to collect them all. Mom can also set custom rewards such as ice cream and video game time.

Best of all, Chore Monster helps teach children that hard work will be rewarded.

- The Family Organizer -
Reduce the clutter by organizing your family’s to-do-list and important information in one central location.

Keep up with appointments and practices with a shared calendar. With this feature, mom and dad can download the app on their phones and when mom updates the calendar, it’ll show up on dad’s phone as well.

With multiple accounts linked, mom can assign tasks to family members or highlight items you may need help with.

The app also has a “Broadcast” feature that can send a voice message to up to 100 people, a journal to keep notes in and a medication list.

- Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo -
While parents don’t want technology babysitting their children, if mom needs a couple of minutes to keep the kids busy or entertained, there's an app that can make it educational.

In the Rosetta Stone Kid Lingo app, kids will practice early reading skills and begin to learn basic Spanish. Tons of toys are trapped in bubbles and your child can rescue them before they float away. When your child matches the correct starting letter sound, it releases each toy and collects it.

As your children advance, speaking Spanish words and phrases aloud will help introduce them to a new language.

Moms are protective of their children, so to make sure you are keeping your kids safe while they use smart devices, check out the iTunes App store Parent Guide and the Kids Place - Parental Control app for Android devices.

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