Streamlining OBGYN Services

Upstate Combines Office and Hospital Care

Doctors Edith Westpfal and Kenneth Rhee of Upstate Community OBGYN are teaming up for a new streamlined process to make obstetric care easier and more accessible to patients. The process allows one doctor the opportunity to stay in the office during regular office hours while also having an OBGYN doctor on staff at the hospital.

The special combined practice is also a convenient way for doctor's to maintain more work life balance and allow for a more streamlined birthing process for the patient. The process begins with a regular check up from Dr. Westpfal, explainign the process to the patient and continuing reguly OBGYN visits prior to the baby's birth. Once the patient is in labor, Dr. Rhee would take over, delivering the baby at the hospital.

Other doctors have implemented this system around the country and it's been said that the process also improves the patient's safety during labor and delivery.

If you would like to connect with Upstate Community OBGYN, they have offices located at The Upstate Community Campus and The Raddisson Health Center. To schedule an appointment call (315) 492-2520 or visit them online at


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