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Bishop Ludden Gets Kids Excited About STEM

"Rat Pack" program Teaches Lab Practices And Training Techniques

In order to get kids interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Bishop Ludden Junior Senior High has found a pretty unique way to do it! Calling it “The Rat Pack,” this new branch aims to draw students towards STEM who wouldn't otherwise be interested.

STEM Coach Maxine Babcock and 11th Grade Project Managers Emily Patrick and Tess Murry are using rat training to get students excited about STEM and learn about ethical lab practices and training techniques.

Thinking it would be fun to bring the biology and psychology aspect in, Maxine Babcock says, “We’re studying different practices, Pavlovian techniques, and we’re going to be doing a skinner box next. And one of the things we really want is bringing the young kids, guys and girls, into the program.” ‘

Student Tess Murry says, “A lot of children I know are very interested in animals, and a lot of schools don’t offer things like this, so I think a lot of kids from elementary schools will enjoy coming and being apart of this.”

Training the rats to go through a handmade traveling maze, Emily Patrick says it’s honestly amazing being able to work with these rats. “They’re so sweet and they’ve been bred specially to be cute, sweet and trainable,” mentions Patrick.

If you or your child might be interested in “The Rat Pack” or other STEM activities, you can visit to learn more about the school and everything they offer including a Robotics Summer Camp for students in grades four through six from June 25th to the 28th. Costing $100, this camp will be limited to 30 children and is a great opportunity for young people interested in STEM activities. 

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