Blood Pressure Study At Syracuse University

Effects of High Blood Pressure On Your Brain

If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure or have normal blood pressure and are between the ages of 45 to 65, this is important for you to hear. Wes Lefferts is a Syracuse University graduate student conducting a study about how high blood pressure can affect your brain and he's looking for people to participate.

To begin, you will have your health assessed using state-of-the-art technology!  They will measure how much muscle you have using our BodPod and a 3D body scanner. They'll also check the health of your blood vessels, your brain function, cholesterol, and aerobic fitness. All of these aspects are important for understanding the background of the study. Those that are eligible and able to complete the study will receive compensation.

The study will take place at the Human Performance Laboratory at Syracuse University on 3 different occasions. A breakdown of what to expect in the visit is:

  • Visit 1 (about 75 min): Assess your health status during a comprehensive health screening. Will give you a blood pressure and activity monitor to take home for a week.
  • Visit 2 (about 60 min): Perform a cycling exercise test to measure your fitness.
  • Visit 3 (about 120 min): Measure your blood pressure and brain function before and after 30-minutes of cycling exercise

To find out if you qualify for the study, email and you will receive the online eligibility health survey. You can also call Wes with questions at 315-443-4540.


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