Celebrating Ludwig Bemelmans

Annual 10-day Festival in Oswego

Madeline, the little Parisian Catholic school girl, and her friends from Ludwig Bemelmans’ famous children’s book series “Madeline” are being celebrated at the annual Bemelmans Festival in Oswego this Saturday.


The author of the series, Bemelmans, served as a private during World War One and was stationed at Fort Ontario in Oswego. While there, he wrote his book “My War With the United States,” recounting his experiences at the army base. The stories told within the book are brought to life in the local stage adaptation, which already premiered earlier this week.


The play is only one of the many attractions that festival-goers can experience. An art exhibit, “Madeline in Oswego,” highlight works by local artists that feature the red-headed star of the children’s series. Also, Fort Ontario will be open for free tours during the festival.


There are also several activities for kids at the festival. The day will start with storytelling at the fort, followed by a children’s parade, kite flying, and an ice cream social sponsored by the Children’s Museum of Oswego. There will be a barbecue for families, as well as several food trucks, and the night will conclude with a band concert.


Admission to the festival is free.


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