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Alternatives to Concrete

We have all seen ugly concrete in our home or at a friend's house and CSM Finishing wants to help cover it up!  Tearing up and starting new can be time consuming, expensive, and often times dangerous. Owner Jon Schmidt stopped by to talk about how you can cover the ugly with the help of CSM Finishing.

Using something like Sierra Stone has its advantages over concrete, such as avoiding the costly tear out of old concrete. The process typically involves one day of prep work and one day of installation. When CSM Finishing comes in they do not get in your way; they clean the substrate, pressure wash it, then remove contaminates and any paint or epoxy. The next day, when it is dry they install the rubber stone. Just 24 hours after installation you can walk on the finished product and 72 hours after you can drive on it. Schmidt says, as long as you take care of the stone it is going to last you up to 20 years.

A lot of driveways, patios and pool decks use the rubber stone, which is soft, safe and flexible. The rubber stone gets more traction and will not rip or tear in the winter time which means no cracks. When it comes to snow removal, Schmidt says that their company Sierra Stone originated in Canada over 35 years ago, with 130 dealers across North America and there has never been an issue with the freeze and thaw during the winter months. You can shovel or snowblow just as you would on any other surface.

When it comes to customizing the stone, CSM Finishing can put company logos into the flooring making it something unique for their products.  Take a stroll on the Sierra Stone by the Indian Village at the Fairgrounds and right here at News Channel 9.

For more information about CSM Finishing, check out their website. Read up about them on the Better Business Bureau or give them a call at (315) 463-5916. To learn more on how to cover up paving stones, wood substrates, asphalt and concrete visit


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