CSM Finishing in Central New York

CNY's Exclusive Stop for Rubber and Sierra Stone

Whether you're in the market for renovating your outdoor pool area or maybe looking for an easier way to refine your garage, CSM Finishing is Central New York's exclusive stop for Rubber and Sierra Stone.

Unlike other contractors, CSM Finishing can help you clean up your driveway, walkway or any concrete and cement surface. The process of refinishing an area in and around your home takes approximately one day to install and can be a great option in and around pools or outdoor patio areas. Their Rubber Stone products are not only beautiful and durable, they're also environmentally friendly because they keep old tires out of landfills.

They are known to "cover your ugly" concrete, asphalt, paving stones and much more without the process of demolition or pouring new cement.

To learn more about how CSM Finishing can help you with your next project visit csmfinishing.com




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