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Basil Leaf's Filletta Pomadora

Basil Leaf shares Filleta Pomadora recipe.
Basil Leaf shares their recipe for Filletta Pomadora.

Filletta Pomadora

Thinly sliced prosciutto- 1/2 pound
Roasted Garlic (10 cloves)
Olive Oil - 1 cup
Red Pepper- 1 pinch
Fresh Basil- 2 cups
Dry Basil- 1 Tblspoon
Whole Plum Tomatoes- 12
Pecorino Romano Cheese- 1 cup
White onions- 1 large onion
Red wine- 1 cup

In a sauce pan, combine prosciutto (sliced to size of a noodle), julienne onions, sliced garlic, red pepper, and one cup of chopped basil. Sautee the ingredients together until the prosciutto is lightly cooked.
Add one chopped plum tomato, 1 cup of red wine, and a 1/2 cup of fresh basil and dry basil to the sauce pan. Let all the ingredients simmer for five minutes. Add the pasta and cheese to the pan and toss everything together.
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