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Brain Aneurysm Awareness

One in every 50 Americans will experience a brain aneurysm.

Mary Cook, who suffered a brain aneurysm, said the issue is caused by weakened inner tubes that tear and allow air to get in. This air creates bubbles that eventually burst as pressure is applied.

"Some of us just happen to have a ticking time bomb in our heads," Cook said.

According to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, a brain aneurysm bursts every 18 minutes in the U.S. Of these incidents, 40% are fatal.

While these statistics seem scary, the CNY Brain Aneurysm Awareness Campaign aims to education the public on what an aneurysm is, offer emotional and financial support to those affected, and raise money for research.

You can help by attending the CNY Brain Aneurysm Foundation's educational fundraiser. In addition to dinner, desserts, wine tastings and entertainment, each guest will go home with a complimentary bottle of wine. Syracuse Woman magazine's editor, Farah Jordan will be the emcee.
        Friday, Feb. 7th
        6-10 p.m.
        Barbagallo's Restaurant
        6344 East Molloy Road
        East Syracuse
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