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Carrie Lazarus presents Extraordinary Live

Carrie joins us to preview the fundraising concert "Carrie Lazarus presents Extraordinary LIVE" premiering 11/10/13.
Carrie Lazarus joined us to preview the fundraising concert at the Landmark Theatre on Sunday, 12/8/13. The concert will be called "Carrie Lazarus Presents, Extraordinary...LIVE." The show will spotlight student musicians who have already been featured on her "Extraordinary" shows.

Ticket sales will benefit the Carrie Lazarus Fund for Extraordinary Talent, which is set up through the Community Foundation of CNY. 

"Carrie Lazarus Presents, Extraordinary... LIVE"
  • Hosted at the Landmark Theatre
  • Sunday, Dec. 8th
  • Begins at 3 p.m.
  • General admissions tickets are $13.50
  • You can find tickets at: ticketmaster.com

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