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Diablo Pasta With Shrimp

Enjoy this recipe for 'Diablo Pasta With Shrimp' - courtesy of Syracuse's Dolce Vita World Bistro:

1oz sliced jalapeños
2oz of sliced peppers
1oz of red onion
1/2 oz of garlic
1/2 oz diced pepper chini
1/2 oz of fresh herbs
1oz of parmesan and asiago cheese
3oz of spicy red sauce
4oz of rigatoni pasta

In a large sautée pan heat 1/2 oz of oil on medium heat. Add onions and let them carmelize then add all additional ingredients and sauté until tender (about 3 or 4 minutes). The next step will be to add your red sauce and a little chicken stock to loosen the sauce a bit.  Let the sauce warm for about a minute then add your pasta and toss. Let that heat for 30 seconds and finsh the dish with your cheese and enjoy.

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