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DJ Maestro Rocks the House at SU

DJ Maestro likes to get his audiences pumped up and let them have a good time
Hasan Stephens, AKA DJ Maestro is the only in house DJ at a University. He started out rocking the house at SU football games and has since been asked to play basketball game as well. Stephens says he puts a lot of research in to his job.  His ultimate goal is give the fans a good time and keep the energy up.

Along with DJing, Stephens teaches hip-hop studies at Hillbrook Youth Detention Facility and SUNY Cortland.

Stephens also founded the Good Life Foundation, a mentoring program for youth in Syracuse.

DJ Maestro will be playing at an Original After-Party at World in Hanover Square after the SU vs. Duke game this weekend.  More information about DJ Maestro and his events can be found at www.thatgoodmedia.com.

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