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Five Dates in Five Days

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's time for 93Q's Ted and Amy's Annual Five Dates in Five Days. One eligible bachelor from Central New York will go on five dates at Nestico's Restaurant in North Syracuse.

This year's bachelor is Chris Baker a music writer for Syracuse.com and The Post Standard. Chris has already gone on two of the five dates. After all five dates you can log onto www.93Q.com to listen to the on air interviews and vote for Chris's most compatible date. Whoever gets the most votes will win a room for four women to the sold out Amy's Slumber Party. 

Going on a first date can be challenging so Chris and Amy Robbins demonstrated the top six things not to do on a first date:
  • Don't lie about your age
  • Don't talk about your ex
  • Don't talk about how urgent you are to settle down
  • Don't order really messy foods
  • Don't share really bizarre or personal information
  • It is okay to let him pay but don't take advantage
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