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Gigi's Playhouse

Gigi's Playhouse 1st annual Fashion Show held at Driver's Village.
October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Gigi's Playhouse along with S.U football legend Chris Gedney will be hosting their first annual Fashion Show/Dinner in just a few days! The facility was established to support families touched by Down Syndrome. The fashion show and dinner is a fundraiser to support free programming offered to individuals with Down Syndrome.

Right before the fashion show and dinner is the "All Dolled Up" event. This event will feature American Girl Doll raffles and fashion show. These events were created to celebrate the organizations first anniversary, which is November 16th. All of this will be happening this Saturday, October 26th at Drivers Village. Make sure to come and support a great cause!

"All Dolled Up":
  • Tickets are $10 per person.
  • Event is from 4-6 p.m.

Fashion Show/ Dinner:

  • Hosted at Drivers Village on Saturday, October 26.
  • Event is from 6-8 p.m.
  • Tickets are still available by calling Playhouse at 288.PLAY
  • Tickets are also available via email at syracuse@gigisplayhouse.org
  • Tickets are $50 for adults and $10 for children.
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