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Kelly Kinsella

"When Thoughts Attack", Kelly Kinsella takes us inside her head in this comedy at the Mohegan Manor
Comedian, writer, and, actor, Kelly Kinsella brings her show 'When Thoughts Attack' to the Syracuse area. Kinsella's show is described as 'Slinky and Smart' and was named as the top 20 performers on the New York Stage by Back stage, and "a gaggle of unruly children live in a woman's head" by Edge NY.

Kelly Kinsella has performed in hallways, fringe festivals,colleges and even in closets. Audiences have described her performance style as terrific and zany. She considers her inspirations to be playwrights such as Edward Albee, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and More. If you want to get inside her head, you can see Kelly Kinsella this weekend at the Mohegan Manor in Baldwinsville, NY. 

When Thoughts Attack by Kelly Kinsella
  • Where: Mohegan Manor, Baldwinsville
  • When: Saturday, October 19th at 8pm; Sunday, October 20th at 4pm
  • Cost: $20 
  • Tickets can be purchased at KellyKinsella.com or by calling the Mohegan Manor 
  • Space is limited so reserve early!
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