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Making Valentine's Day Special Without Spending a Dime

Valentine's Day can pressure on people to spend money on things such as cards, candy, dinner, and jewelery etc. However, a romantic Valentine's Day doesn't need to be a costly one! Susan Dutch aka MizMatch shared tips on how to make your Valentine feel special without spending a dime:
  • Leave love notes around the house for him/her to find, or turn it into a scavenger hunt
  • Make a meal together instead of going out 
  • Write a love letter or poem to your Valentine or create a list of reasons why you love them
  • Get out your wedding album or go through photos of fun times, re-read your vows to each other
  • Make a collage with the photos to create a fun card
  • Create a CD mix of all the songs that remind you of him/her
  • Instead of spending money on a spa day, you be the masseuse
  • Take a walk together--even on a snowy day. No phones. Just walk and talk!
For more relationship or love advice, check out her blog at: mizmatch.com
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