Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy

WWE Superstar wrestler Matt Hardy joins are hosts to tell us what he's doing this week in Central New York!
Matt Hardy is former WWE Superstar wrestler, famous for his incredible skills and success alongside his brother in the WWE with high-flying ladder tricks and more.

Now the former member of the Hardy Boyz is coming to CNY for two action packed wrestling events from 2CW Wrestling.

Tonight Hardy brings his skills to a Watertown event that will be the first live-streamed 2CW event. Hardy will be facing off against other wrestling greats like Tajiri, Alex Shelley and more.

There will be meet and greets prior to the show.

Living on the Edge
  • Tonight, Friday April 18th
  • Watertown Fairgrounds Arena at 8pm
  • It will be live streamed for $10, general admission $10

2CW Wrestling

  • Saturday, April 19th
  • 7pm at Driver's Village
  • Tickets run $12-40
For more information visit

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