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Miss America

Miss America, Nina Davuluri comes to Syracuse to talk about her roots, Bollywood dancing, and more.
Miss America, Nina Davuluri who was crowned this past September, made one final stop on her visit to Central New York, to be on Bridge Street this morning. Davuluri shared her stories thus far on her Miss America Reign and the different exciting experiences she has been exposed to. Aside from the many places she has traveled, she also talked about her excitement in being back in her hometown. She showed much enthusiasm when talking about seeing her dog, eating a home cooked lunch, and seeing some of her childhood spots.

Davuluri shared some Bollywood dance moves with Chris and Julia. She was the first Miss America contestant to ever perform Bollywood dance in the pageant and felt as though it was a big risk. She describes her experiences as Miss America thus far to be an "incredible opportunity and an honor."

You can find out more about Miss America, Nina Davuluri by following her on Twitter:@MissAmerica
or visiting the Miss America Organization homepage: MissAmerica.org
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