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Tia Falcone discuss Miss America's workout!
Miss America winner Nina Davulurus has worked very closely with trainer Tia Falcone for about a year and a half.  She approached Falcone to assist her in weight loss for her pageant appearances.  Falcone created a tough workout that included weight training to help her lose 10 pounds in four weeks for the Miss Rochester Pageant.  Falcone continued to help Davulurus in her workouts to help her win Miss Syracuse, Miss New York, and then Miss America.

Falcone trained Davulurus at no cost in exchange for sponsorship of her gym.  Davulurus also designed Falcone's website, tiafalconefitness.com as a gift to her.

Falcone describes her relationship with Davulurus to be very close, and was there to see Davulurus win Miss America.

Tia Falcone is open to having more members at her gym which is located at the Shoppington Mall in Dewitt, NY.

Tia Falcone Fitness

Shoppington Mall
Dewitt, NY 13214
315- 632- 2728
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