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Musician Dick Hallinan

Dick Hallinan's discusses his upcoming one-man show...
Grammy award winning artist Dick Halligan discusses his upcoming one-man show. He was a founding member of the pop/rock/jazz group Blood, Sweat and Tears and was the trombonist on the groups first album, Child Is Father to the Man.

Dick has also been the vocalist for numerous television and radio commercials and also composes for film, TV scores, radios, records, TV commercials and concert music.

Dick will be lecturing at Syracuse University tonight and will feature his one-man show tomorrow night. His appearance is sponsored by Syracuse University's Art Engage program. His show tomorrow night will take the audience through a detailed encounter of his life's journey through music.

"Love, Sweat & Fears"
  • One-man show
  • Tomorrow at 7 pm
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • 310 Montgomery Street
  • Admission: $10 
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