Sunshine Horses

Sunshine Horses

Miniature horse Zack came to the set to "talk" about Sunshine horses, Inc. and their upcoming Open House event.
On a rainy day in Syracuse, we got a ray of sunshine as representatives of Sunshine Horses, Inc.
came in to tell us more about what they do- and brought one of the Sunshine horses himself!

Zack, an adorable miniature horse, is one of many horses that you can meet at Sunshine Horse' Open House,
happening this Saturday. The event will have a wide variety of activities including pony rides,
face painting, carriage rides, horse demonstrations, and more! Plus, participants will have the opportunity to adopt or sponsor a horse as well as donate their items or their time as volunteers with the organization.

Sunshine Horses, Inc. is a pre-homing and rescue facility for Syracuse horses that are often retired racers.
The organization is dedicated to finding each horse a permanent home where it will be loved and cred for. 
In the decade since its inception, Sunshine has helped to find homes for over 150 horses. It does so entirely
through volunteer work and donations. 

Sunshine Horses, Inc. Open House
  • Saturday, 6/28
  • 12:00-4:00 pm
  • 1777 County Rt 12, Central Square
Find out how you can help, plus more about the Open House event, at the group's web site, or find them on their Facebook- or Twitter @sunshinehorse. 

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