Great Scavenger Hunt at NYS Fair

New Twist for the Ultimate Fair Experience

One week ahead of the Great New York State Fair, we have your first look at something entirely new: the Great Scavenger Hunt!


Many people go to the fair year after year and only see the same few attractions. The Scavenger Hunt put on by ACR Health in conjunction with the New York State Fair aims to change that, encouraging people to see new events.


A point system rewards a set of challenges that change every day, taking people to parts of the fair they might never see. Participants can take photos, engage on social media, and explore the fair to win a daily family fun pack with rewards in and around Syracuse. At the end of the fair, the highest score accumulated over all twelve days stands to win big money!


Challenges vary from simple to complex, and some will stay constant while others change day to day. For example, dancing by the dancing Gianelli pig could net you a hefty 150 points as one of the more involved challenges. Easier tasks might involve posting a picture of a specific event or location.


You can get started at and download an app to keep up with your points in real time.

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