Hidden Scars of Breast Cancer

Upstate Breast Care Center Uses Surgical Innovations to Minimize Scarring

Breast cancer is inevitably a brutal and challenging process to go through, and the doctors at Upstate Breast Care Center understand this. To try and ease the trauma and recovery the operation patients may go through, doctors have found a better, less invasive method to leave patients almost scarless, sparing them the lasting reminder of an unsightly surgical leftover. The goal is to leave the breast looking as close as possible to the way it did before surgery.


Doctor Marianne Greco says that “It’s basically using the same surgical techniques that we’ve always used but applying them so that we put scars in more cosmetic positions.” The surgery has stayed about the same, but it goes through different routes to avoid leaving big, nasty scars. Doctor Kristine Keeney says any of the patients that go through these surgeries will benefit from this hidden scar technique.


With these surgeries, there are different less visually obvious areas that the surgeon can go through such as under the breast, the color fade of the nipple where there is already a line, and even under the armpit, where there already are wrinkles and folds to hide the scar. Even when getting a mastectomy, measures can be taken to ensure that the main structure of the breast stays intact, “so you still feel like you.” The emotional benefits from this advanced surgical approach are huge, with a recognizable natural body area still there once the bandages come off.

The Breast Care Center is located at the Physicians Office Building south of Upstate’s community campus, 4900 Broad Road in Syracuse. You can call 315-492-5660 to make an appointment, or visit http://breastcareatupstatecommunity.org/ to learn more.

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