How to Stay In Your Home As You Age

Advice from the Estate Planning Law Center

The question of how long you can stay in your home as you age is one that the Estate Planning Law Center is ready to help with. Dave Zumpano discusses how to plan and hopefully stay in one's home and avoid having to go into a nursing home.

Very few people want to go into a nursing home, yet they're always full. The way it happens is from failure to plan or failure to have a support system. All too often, people wait until something happens and are not treating aging like the process that it is. If you start small by having help come into your home in small increments, you can prevent a larger problem sending you to a nursing home. There is Medicaid and other ways to pay for care in your own home that the Estate Planning Law Center can help you prepare for. Having a person come in for an hour or two a day still allows most of one's autonomy but helps to engage in much needed social interaction. If you're home alone all day, anything can happen. Zumpano says that 80% of people who plan in advance will never see a nursing home.

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