Lee Way Clothing

Local Entrepeneur Launches Clothing Label

Working a lifetime for someone else isn’t what Daniel Tagliamonte - founder of Lee Way Clothing - had in mind. A group of high school friends decided to take matters in their own hands, and design their own clothing line.  


The name ‘Lee Way’ means freedom and that’s what the boys try to capture everyday. They started by borrowing from their parents, and sold hats out of their trucks - the item they wore the most - to try and get the name out.


Surprisingly, it worked! They launched the line last October, giving a year for it to take off. He created the idea for anyone to wear - young or old - with no desired pinpoint customer.


The Lee Way line is affordable clothing that looks good, which is the goal that was intended. Currently, the main focus is getting products in stores. J. Michael's on the Hill in Syracuse is the only store selling the line right now.


You can find out more about the clothing line, and how you can connect with them online at www.leeway-clothing.com.

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