Marriott Downtown Syracuse Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Renovated Hotel Syracuse Brings Huge Benefits to Community

This week marks the first full active year of the renovated Marriott Syracuse Downtown, and there is a lot to celebrate! Owner Ed Riley supervised the two years and over $76 million that went into restoring the old Hotel Syracuse which has created more than 200 jobs - 60% of which are held by people from the neighborhood - and served as a real community hub for everything from weddings to the St. Patrick’s Parade. Everyone involved considers it a real honor to be such a part of regional life.


The hotel’s restaurants have already gained quite a reputation as excellent lunch and dinner selections, engaging the surrounding area in a particularly tasty way. All of the sites use local products, taking full advantage of what CNY has to offer, from basic ingredients all the way through to a range of Finger Lakes wines.


The process of bringing the hotel back to life was a long and ambitious one rooted in a bold ideal, but it has clearly paid off. A year in, things are already going strong and the focus remains on growth, continuing to ride the tremendous momentum that this first year has generated while still keeping a firm, stable footing where it always matters most: the community.

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