New Advancements in Glucose Monitors

New ways to tailor your lifestyle for optimal health

Glucose monitoring systems are often used by those who suffer from some form of diabetes, but recent research shows that blood glucose levels can also play a role in several diseases.

Tech Expert Todd Townsend says that a new monitoring system can be the key to optimal health and a more cost effective tool that everyone can use.

Recent research indicates that blood glucose, also known as sugar levels and insulin resistance can be the catalyst for a host of other diseases including cancers. But if people could easily see and monitor their glucose levels without needles, it could be transformational for your health.

The all new monitoring system wouldn't just monitor your diet. The new devices would have the capabilities to monitor stress, sleep patterns, and eating patterns that could affect your glucose levels. In time, the new technology will be in watches and patches and will be able to sync with your mobile devices. Some companies are already working on this and Todd says that we may not have to wait to far into the future for this new system to come to fruition.

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