Presidents Day Trivia

Bridge Street vs. The Morning News

Sistina and TeNesha tested their Presidential knowledge, in a fun trivia game versus Dan Cummings and Kate Thornton from "The Morning News."  Here are some of the questions.



  1. Which President lived in Fayetteville as a child?

A- Franklin Pierce;  B- Grover Cleveland;  C- Millard Fillmore;  D- Gerald Ford

  1. How many New York governors have also been President?

A- 2;  B- 3;  C- 4;  D- 5

  1. Who was the first President to lose the popular vote but win the presidency?

A- James Madison; B- John Quincy Adams; C- James Garfield; D- Warren G. Harding

  1. There are 620 schools nationwide, including a middle school in Syracuse, with the last name of this President.

  2. In 1966, which U.S. President declared Waterloo, New York the official birthplace of Memorial Day?

  3. Who was the first African-American President of the United States?

  4. In what year did a woman first run for the President of the United States?

  5. Who was the last U.S. President to resign from office?

  6. Which President was born in Summerhill, in Cayuga County near Moravia?

A-Bill Clinton;  B-James Polk;  C-Millard Fillmore;  D-Woodrow Wilson

  1. Who was the longest serving President?

A-George Washington;  B-James Madison;  C-Franklin Delano Roosevelt;  D-Franklin Pierce


  1. B. Cleveland's family moved to Fayetteville when he was 4-years-old

  2. C. Martin Van Buren, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt

  3. B. JQ Adams lost the popular vote to Andrew Jackson, but won the office in the House of Representatives

  4. Lincoln

  5. Lyndon Johnson

  6. Barack Obama

  7. 1872 - Victoria Woodhull of Ohio

  8. Richard Nixon

  9. C-Millard Fillmore

  10. C-FDR (12 years)

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