Dolce Vita World Bistro's Pesto Florentine Tilapia

Chef Chris from Dolce Vita World Bistro - located on East Genesee Street in Syracuse - shares his recipe for Pesto Florentine Tilapia:

Bake tilapia @ 400 with butter, white wine & lemon (squeeze) until white & flake.

Saute 1oz sun-dried tomato & 3oz spinach in extra virgin olive oil, garlic & white wine. 

In a saute pan, add 3oz of chicken stock, 5oz arborio rice (cooked), 2oz sun-dried tomato, 1oz parmesean & asiago cheese, and 1oz butter.

Saute seasonal vegetables with white wine, extra virgin olive oil & salt & pepper.

Visit Dolce Vita World Bistro's website by clicking here.

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