Scalp Aesthetics Syracuse Services

Helping Those With Hair Loss Find Confidence

Forty percent of men noticeably have hair loss by the age of 35 and that number rises to sixty-five percent by the age of 60. Scalp Aesthetics Syracuse offers an innovative process that gives the illusion of real hair but without all the crazy gimmicks or expense. Jerod Schoonmaker is not only the owner of Scalp Aesthetics Syracuse but also a user of the service.


Schoonmaker began struggling with hair loss early in his twenties and was shaving his head twice a day. While he felt he looked ok with a bald head, he knows others feel they need to hide under hats and feel self-conscious about their receding hair line. After much research, he came across scalp micropigmentation, which is essentially a medical hairline tattoo that is subtle enough to appear hairlike.The treatment lasts up to about seven years before needing a touch-up and gives clients the confidence they've been hoping for.


Scalp Aesthetics Syracuse is located at 404 Oak Street. You can contact them at 315-412-8553 or visit their website.

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