Vintage for Veterans: Sisterhood and Style

Pinup Nostalgia to Benefit Veterans

Vintage for Veterans is a Syracuse-based group that works for veterans and the community with a unique sense of style. The pinup aesthetic made iconic in the WW2 era remains iconic to this day, and it is alive and well with this nonprofit group of enthusiasts, whose retro-glamour look has added an extra dimension to many a local charity event.

Their mission is to honor veterans and improve their quality of life through community work, volunteerism, and fundraising.


Founder Melody Wilkinson, perhaps better known by the name Miss Lizzie DeVille, fully embraces the vintage lifestyle, bringing an unmatched level of expertise to the table. Now, she uses those talents to benefit the community and empower other women, embracing individuality as a mutually supportive sisterhood. Ever since Vintage for Veterans took form in 2015, the group has continued to thrive and grow, with over a dozen members now spending time at nursing homes, American Legion events, and even the occasional parade float.


To find out more about Vintage for Veterans, you can visit

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