It's time to make a "Classroom Connection."  Again this year, NewsChannel 9 is helping collect school supplies to fill backpacks for Mary Nelson's Youth Day Barbecue.

It's easy to help. Just pick up an extra item or two when you buy school supplies. Then drop them off at Wegmans. We'll get them to school kids around the Syracuse area.

The deadline is Sunday, Aug. 13. We want to thank Fidelis Care, iHeartMedia, and you for helping with "classroom connections."

Together, we can make a real difference through “Classroom Connections!”

Supply list
Pencils #2
Colored Pencils
Pencil Boxes
Spiral Notebooks
Composition Notebooks
Writing Paper
Masking Tape
Chart Paper
Index Cards
Glue Sticks
Fans for Classrooms
White Boards Dry Erasers
Dry Eraser Markers
Construction Paper
Two-Pocket Folders
Plastic Letters
Simple Flash Cards
Batteries (AA, AA, C & D)
Calculators for Math & Science
Primary Level:  Texas Instruments TI 10
Elementary Level:  Texas Instruments TI 15

Wegmans store locations

  • Cicero - 7952 Route 11, Cicero
  • Dewitt - 6789 East Genesee St, Fayetteville
  • Fairmount - 3325 West Genesee Street, Syracuse
  • Great Northern - 3955 Rt 31, Liverpool
  • James Street - 4256 James Street, East Syracuse
  • John Glenn - 7519 Oswego Road, Liverpool
  • Onondaga - 4722 Onondaga Blvd , Syracuse
  • Taft Road - 4979 West Taft Road, Liverpool
  • Auburn - 1 Loop Rd., Auburn

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