A Lovely Meeting on "Bridge Street"

CNY natives found love in an unlikley place

Ann Marie and Rob Bick fell in love in what some might say is an unconventional place. Roughly five years ago, they appeared on 'Bridge Street' for two very different reasons. And it was their chance meeting in the Green Room that eventually brought them together first over email, and then in person.

Together, they've weathered some difficult challenges, including the return of Ann Marie's cancer. But their love and support of each other continues to shine through in both of them. Ann Marie said Rob never wavered and Rob said he wouldn't have made any other choice.

The couple made their relationship official, marrying in October and celebrating with close friends and family.

"It was nice because the rain stopped, the sun came out just in time and so it was perfect," Ann Marie said.

And though Ann Marie's cancer remains a challenge, they continue to fight together and both relay how grateful they are for the support each brings to their relationship.

"Sometimes you don't know what you need until it's right there you know. He's my safe place to land, always you know, um, he's made my life better in every possible way," Ann Marie said. And her partner in crime was quick to add, "she's just made me a calmer, smarter, more caring person."




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