Hercules Gym Powerlifting Ladies

The Iron Maidens Compete & Change Face of Sport

For centuries men have been associated with strength and powerlifting but the game is being changed. Rheta West, world record holder and owner of Hercules Gym in Syracuse, is hosting a womens only powerlifting competition called Iron Maidens and hoping to even the playing field in the sport. Men are always given more time, money and prestige in the sport, but women can certainly hold their own.

Powerlifting is made up of three different exercises that are also added together to get a total score. Competitors compete in different weight classes in squats, bench press & deadlift. Becki Pierotti is an American ranked lifter and demonstrates the proper form for a deadlift and what the judges are looking for. Competitors have plenty of incentive to toss around some serious pounds since the winners go home with cash prizes, 1st place gets $1000, 2nd place gets $750 and 3rd place gets $500 in both categories. Many women may be going to win, but some are looking to break world records or even just their own personal records.

The Iron Maiden Womens Only Powerlifting Meet is taking place Saturday, October 21st from 9AM-6PM at the Hercules Gym located at 6361 Thompson Road in Syracuse.  It is open to the public and spectators tickets cost only $5. For more information you can visit http://herculesgym.net. 

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