"Hidden Mischeif Room" Educates Parents on Hidden Drug Use

Prevention Network advises parents on what to watch out for

Teen drug use is on the rise and more and more parents are learning to be on the lookout when it comes to their children and how to protect them. In an effort to help parents, The Prevention Network is hosting an event called the "Hidden Mischief Room." Parents are invited to search the simulated room to try to find as many secret drug stashes as they can. The adult only event is an effort to train parents to know what to look for.

Prevention educator, Kein Trease from the Prevention Network of Central New York says that often everyday items in a child's room may not appear as it seams.

Items like Pringle chips and water bottles can hide drugs without suspicion. Trease takes a closer look though and suddenly the chip can has a secret bottom opening where drugs can easily be stored.

Parents are also advised to search for other signs of drug use in their children. Withdrawing from family members and behavioral changes that differ from what you're used to from your child, can be clear indications that something may not be right.

The Hidden Room event runs from 6:30-8:30pm on Thursday, September 28th at Bryant & Stratton College located at 953 James Street.

For more information, visit http://preventionnetworkcny.org.

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