Taking on The 'Anti-Goal'

Accountability Coach Jen Liddy says knowing what you don't want is key

If you struggle to make goals and that struggle is the very essence of what keeps you stuck from moving forward, Accountability Coach Jen Liddy says there is one strategy to get you moving forward. 

Anti-Goals are a way to think about what you want in a new way, she says. Figuring out what you don't want, can often lead you on the path to discovering what you do want. They can also powerfully change the direction of your life, Liddy adds.

Liddy has a few simple tips to help direct you on the right path and offers up a few reasons why achieving success and sticking to a goal can be a challenge.

1. Goals feel limiting, overwhelming, or scary to many people. Many clients don’t even put themselves on the list of things to take care of. To ask them, “What do YOU want?” is something they’ve never considered. And it stops them in their tracks, Liddy said.

2. Struggling with goals keeps us stuck because Liddy says we tell ourselves we don’t know what we want, so we stay where we are right now. That it’s all “good enough”. That we can hang out here…until inspiration hits. But years go by, and inspiration doesn’t ‘hit.’And by the time you're looking to make a choice, you feel like your time is already up.

3. Anti-Goals are a different way to create goals, Liddy adds. She recommends asking some key questions to help steer you in the right direction. Anti-Goals ask us, “What do you know that you do not want anymore? What will you not put up with? Next year, where do you want to make sure you’re not anymore?” Thinking about what you do not want allows people to dip a toe into creating goals. It’s less overwhelming.

And Liddy's final piece of advice is to ignore "how" you're going to make change happen in your life and isntead ask yourself, "what don't I want and why." Liddy says the "how" will eventually work itself out once you yourself know what you do and do not want.

Liddy is offering a workshop to help people attain their goals and go after what they want. "Make Friends with Time: Master Your Schedule without losing your mind is happening on Sunday March 4 at the Tech Garden in downtown Syracuse. The workshop is $70 per person and to learn more and to sign up visit jenliddy.com for more information.



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