The Future of McDonalds hits Syracuse

Kiosk makes ordering food much easier

Step into the future at McDonalds located on the corner of Erie Boulevard and Seeley Road as they have undergone renovations for the last few months. With a new touchscreen kiosk that allows customers to order and pay for their meal before even reaching the counter, this eliminates the wait time and helps the staff receive orders quickly and more efficiently. 

The new renovations also cater to people of all abilities. There is a vision impaired option on the kiosk which pulls up a magnifying glass in order to zoom in on the screen and there is a wheelchair option which lowers the menu to the level of the chair for someone to be able to order as well. The goal is to meet the expectations of all customers.

To celebrate their new look, Ronald McDonald invites you and your family to the restaurant on Wednesday September 27 from 4-6pm.


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