Veteran's Voice is a monthly educational news segment on NewsChannel 9 at Noon. It focuses on issues pertaining to veterans and their families with a secondary goal of educating the community on veteran issues. Veteran's Voice provides information and support on services available to veterans and their families. A partial listing of topics to be covered are: health care, jobs, Fort Drum 174th ATKW National Guard /Reserve Units; family support programs, federal laws affecting veterans, educational opportunities, G.I. Bill, and recreational services.

Veteran's Voice is a part of the Veteran, Military and Support Circle at Clear Path for Veterans. The Veteran, Military and Support Circle is a network of community professionals and service providers dedicated to acknowledging the unique needs of veterans and their families through creative programs that enhance veteran well-being, social and economic reintegration.  The group conscience agrees that each veteran is to be treated as an individual assisting both the veteran and the family.

Visit the Clear Path for Veterans website for more information on Veteran's Voices, The Veteran, Military and Support Circle with participating groups, and our new Wingman Program.

Tune into NewsChannel 9, the first Friday of every month at noon for Veteran's Voices.