A New Graphic Novel Virgil

CNY Native Launches Graphic Novel Fundraising Campaign!
An original concept for a graphic novel. Steve Orlando highlights LGBTQ issues in Jamaica in his new comic, Virgil.

is a 1970's crime noir set in modern day Jamaica featuring a gay couple. This is controversial because according to the Human Rights Watch, Jamaica is the most homophobic countries in the world.

This graphic novel is more than just a story, but an eye opening piece of literature for those who are unaware of the LGBTQ's constant battle for equality.

In order to create the funding for Virgil, Orlando has created a Kickstarter, a crowdsourcing website which allows group of people to support and enable creative projects.

Orlando is looking for any donations that can assist him in his distribution of his Graphic Novel and design expenses. To help Steve Orlando make Virgil a success, go to thesteveorlando.com or Virgil's kickstarter page.
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