Arabian Horses

Authentic Arabic Horse Names

Authors Bachir Bserani and Kellie Kolodziejczyk present their books Authentic Arabian Horse Names Volumes I & II. Kellie Kolodziejczyk, owner of Abmor Acres in Pennellville, NY, brought along her Arabian Stallion, Black Shadow. Bserani explains the unique closeness Arabian horses have to humans, more than any other breed.

The book features images photographed by Kolodziejczyk and historical information provided by Bserani on the significance of specific names. He says when naming a horse, according to Arabic tradition, names are not chosen prior to birth. The name should be picked after becoming familiar with the character of the horse. You’ll find the stallion, draped in handmade Syrian garbs, featured on today’s show in Volume I of the book series.

To purchase a copy of either book visit: http://abmoracres.com/Links.html for more information.

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