CNY Energy Challenge

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Minor has launched a neighborhood energy challenge!
Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner has announced the launch of the 2013 Syracuse Neighborhood Energy Challenge program. The Challenge welcomes neighborhood associations and community organizations to form teams and compete to receive a $5000 grant through the Gifford Foundation to put toward a neighborhood sustainability project.

Organizations will engage their membership to form teams of 5-8 households who work together through a 5-unit curriculum over a period of 6 weeks to learn about energy use and take energy saving actions within the home. The typical household in Central New York wastes about 30 percent of its energy consumption. The Challenge Team program is designed to reduce that energy waste. Participants’ energy consumption will be tracked over a period of 36 months to determine how effective the overall program is for reducing energy consumption.

The deadline to form teams and sign up is Friday, April 19.

For more information, visit: CNY Energy Challenge
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