Cesarean Stories

April is Cesarean Awareness Month and is a time to reflect on the frequency of surgical births and how they impact maternal-child health.
In honor of April being Cesarean Awarness Month, a community birth advocacy photo and journal art exhibit called Cesarean Stories will open this weekend.

The Cesarean Stories project has two goals: To provide space for local women to share their stories while bringing awareness to the wide range of experiences and emotions of giving birth by cesarean, and to bring awareness to the rates at which women are giving birth by cesarean and how it impacts maternal-child health.

1 of the 3 hospitals in Syracuse have officially banned vaginal birth after cesarean and require repeat cesareans if a woman with a scar on her uterus wishes to receive medical care during delivery.

Photographs featured in the exhibit were taken by mother and local photographer Jennifer Wolsey. She tried to carefully and artistically captured the emotions, woman and story behind each cesarean birth scar.

Cesarean Stories Art Exhibit

  • Saturday, April 13th
  • 4-7pm at Basic Baby in Shoppingtown Mall
  • Refreshments, welcome address and guest book
  • Information about cesarean prevention and recovery
  • Suggested donation of $10
For more information on cesarean sections, visit: ICAN of Syracuse
For more on the photographer, visit: jenniferwolseyphotography.com

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