Christmas Tree Types

Dr. Don Leopold, chair and professor at SUNY-ESF, explains the various tree species available for purchase this holiday season.
What is the best holiday tree for your home? Dr. Don Leopold, chair and distinguished professor at SUNY-ESF, reviews various types of tree species to shop around for this holiday season.

Leopold explains the difference in Christmas trees according to needle longevity, fragrance, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each relative to decorating and aesthetics.

Of the eight tree types found below, all but one are grown locally and can be purchased in CNY. Decide which one is best for your family's need:

1. Balsam Fir

-most common, locally grown, reasonably priced

2. Blue Spruce

-extremely sharp needles, which shed very quickly

3. Douglas

-commonly sold and produced, very fragrant

4. Eastern White Pine

-ideal for Christmas wreaths, but not good for bulky ornaments

5. Fraser Fir

-most aromatic, needles last on tree for up to a year

6. Norway Spruce

-spruces aren't built to last long once indoors, needles shed quickly

7. Scotch Pine

-commonly found in the Midwest

8. White Fir

-barrel shaped, long needles for packing on multiple ornaments and decorations




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