Cooking with the Calamari Sisters

"Chaos is this Kitchen" is a way to describe the Calamari Sister's show!
        Women are thought to be good in the kitchen; however, does that include men who are dressing as women?
        "Calamari Sisters" are a touring act of men in drag "broadcasting" a public access cooking show in front of a live studio audience. The show is centered around to "larger-than-life Italian sisters, Delphine and Carmela Calamari. The sisters dance and sing beloved Italian favorites as the attempt to to make it through their broadcast in one piece.
        The show is active with hilarity, failed dishes, food fights and even presents an SU alumn, Jay Falzone!
        The Calamari Sisters will be in the Syracuse area beginning July 11th, performing at the Empire Theatre.

The Calamari Sisters
  • July 11th-August 11th
  • Empire Theatre, NYS Fairgrounds
For more information and tickets go to thetalentco.com or call (800)839-3006.
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