Fritz's Polka Band

Fritz's Polka Band performing their songs which were featured on the AMC TV show, "Breaking Bad."
Fritz's Polka Band is a local group that has recently gained national recognition. The band's members, Fritz Scherz, Gabe Vaccaro, Frank Nelson, and Mike Faraino, joined us on the show today to preform some of their songs!

The band began preforming together in 1978, although some members have since left and other have joined throughout the years.

Most recently, the band has had two songs featured on AMC's Emmy award-winning show, "Breaking Bad." Their song, "Grandparents' Polka" played on the show's episode titled "Hermanos," and their song, "Here is Fritz' Polka Band," aired on the season 4 finale, titled "Face Off."

You can catch these episodes on amctv.com, or visit fritzspolkaband.com to hear more of their songs!
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