Holiday Prepping: How to Wrap the Perfect Gift

Learn to perfectly wrap and personalize gifts this holiday season

Carol Masiclat, owner of Jolie Colis and finalist in the 2012 Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper contest shares holiday gift wrapping tips and tools.

Before you get started, she suggests these gift wrapping essentials in handy:

  • A Scotch easy-to-use pop-up tape band, which can be worn on the wrist for simple access to pre-cut

  • 2-inch strips of dispensable tape

Once you've got all your tools, here are Carol's three simple steps for perfect gift wrapping:
  1. Tube - Go around item one time, leaving a little of the wrapping paper to fold over
  2. Tape - Anchor gift in place with three pieces of tape (bottom, middle, top)
  3. Tie - Add ribbon or bow for a decorative touch

For additional instruction and fancy tricks, or to reach Carol Masiclat, visit her website: joliecolis.com!

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