Home Spa Treatments

Lauren Greutman shows us how you can have a spa day at home
Money-saving and savvy shopper, Lauren Greutman shared some tips on how you can enjoy a spa day at home.
  • Don't go to the salon - do your own gel Nails from home with the Sally Hansen Gel Nail kit (retails at $15.00)
  • As an option to hair removal at a spa - try hair removal from home with the Tria Hair Removal System (will cost 1/5 of the price)
  • Use multi purpose products - ex: face wash that doubles as a shaving cream
  • Use spa treatments that have salon grade ingredients but you can use from the comfort of your own home
  • Make your own - making at home sugar scrub is very easy and inexpensive, you can make it from items you already have laying around your house

For more tips from Lauren, visit: I am THAT Lady

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